Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In recent news...well somewhat recent. I've managed to land a job at Krome Studios! Check it out...http://www.kromestudios.com/. For those of you who don't already know...the company is located in Australia! I've spent the last couple of months preparing for the trip(hence the reason why I have'nt posted in a while) and I'm set to leave Sept. 2nd. I will be arriving in Melbourne on the 4th. My official start date at Krome is the 14th.

This is quite possibly the biggest endeavor I have ever taken on and thank god my fiance has decided to come with me. Its a big move and a tad bit risky, but as I've been told...with big risk comes big reward. I hope to meet and learn from all of the talented artists at Krome and soak up the Australian sun. Thanks to those of you who follow my blog...I will let you know how the move goes as soon as I'm able!

Cheers mates!

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