Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farewell Australia....

Things I will miss...

Tim Tam's
Not having to tip your waiter
La Porchetta
Aussie Beer
Bar 20
Unpredictable weather
Aussie wildlife

Things I won't miss...

Not having to tip your waiter (lazy service because they don't work for tips!)
Small portions of food at high prices (Australians don't understand what a Big Mac is)
The stench of 40 sweaty people smashed into a tram on a hot day
Cost of living
Tram Police
Not having a dish washer
Huntsman Spiders
The symphony of birds outside my window at 6am
Tiger Airways and the elevator they made me sleep in

Wow....what a ride. I'm truly going to miss this place. I've had the time of my life out here, met some awesome people, and learned a hell of a lot. I am now in the process of moving back to Redwood City, CA to work full time as a concept artist for Crystal Dynamics. I am absolutely stoked about this position and can't wait to get back to the Golden State!



  1. Congrats on the job Brandon, that's brilliant news. Now I feel like a tim tam though...

  2. Hey man keep me posted on when you're gonna be back. We'll have to hit up the lariat and go golfing (maybe not in that order)

  3. La Porchetta? You will miss La Porchetta.... i still love you. it's been to short a time, see you in the states one day. Good luck dude.

    ps. i will always remember 'yeah.. i got yelled at' haha

  4. Brandeezy!

    Congrats on the new job dude, nice work! You had the skills to pay bills from the beginning, dont forget that.

    We didn't even get to take you to the footy, what's up with that?

    Tram police. Agree. Jerks.
    Bar 20. Where's that?